Saturday 30 November 2013

a la calc Edu Edition is here!

Nutrition intake is indisputably key to the most important part of the human body, health. Because of this a la calc are dedicated to teaching future generations of everyone from home cooks to professional chefs how to calculate the nutritional content of their recipes.


a la calc Edu Edition

We've developed a set of tools specifically for use in the classroom by teachers and lecturers that aren't available to users of the manufacturing edition. These include:

  • Creating of student unlimited accounts (simply import a spreadsheet of all your students)
  • Student account management (reset passwords, group and organise)
  • Teaching resources (lesson plans, coursework guides etc in association with
  • Student work analysis (see how long a student has taken to complete a recipe and more)
  • Reduced price plans and discounts for purchasing accounts for multiple schools/academies
  • Extra, massive discounts for special circumstance, community projects, emotional behavioural development units (upon application)