Tuesday 3 April 2012

Important changes in regulation relating to labelling of Palm Oil

Food operators can no longer label Palm Oil under the umbrella of 'Vegetable Oil'.
Manufacturers and food retailers are required to adhere to and comply with new regulations and implement relevant changes on food labels.

The Food Information Regulation (EU Regulation 1169/2011)

In December 2011, the Food Information Regulation came into force. This regulation
means that the type of vegetable oil, including palm oil, being used in products must be
clearly identified. It will stop the umbrella term ‘vegetable oil’ being used alone, as the
specific type of oil will have to be specified in brackets afterwards.
‘Refined oils of vegetable origin may be grouped together in the list of ingredients
under the designation ‘vegetable oils’ followed immediately by a list of indications of specific
vegetable origin, and may be followed by the phrase ‘in varying proportions’. (EU, 2011)
If you use palm oil in products being sold packaged, you will have to state this in the
ingredient declaration. It will allow consumers the chance to see if you use palm oil, and
if you do not advertise the fact it is sustainable, they can assume it is not. We advise that
if it is sustainable, you advertise the fact openly.

From the food service point of view, you will be in a position to clearly see if your
suppliers are using palm oil and if it is sustainable. This is your chance to increase your
Corporate Social Responsibility and help not only the environment, but also the people
living in the producing countries.
Due to the transitional period, the new rules regarding vegetable oil will apply from 13th December 2014

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