Thursday 25 October 2012

New UK Front of Pack Single Labelling System Proposed by the Department of Health

Yesterday the Department of Health announced plans for a 'single system' front of pack nutrition display system. The aim is to unify the current traffic light, GDA and hybrid systems used by manufacturers and supermarket chains into one easy to read, consistent graphic that will help consumers make a quick and informed choice.

As always at, we will be ready for when the new format comes into play and all of your recipes results will be available in the new format as soon as humanly possible after the system is finalised.

The Government will spend the coming months working with industry leaders to iron out a solid and agreeable system, with hopes that it will begin usage next summer.

The new system will include all the familiar indicators or %GDA, colour coding and "high", "medium" or "low" texts as well as the usual suspect nutrients of fat, salt, sugar and calories.

Stay tuned to the a la calc blog for more updates.



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