Wednesday 5 December 2012

New features: Downloadable 'ASDA' style hybrid graphics and more

Myself and the team at a la calc are pleased to announce a couple of new but long awaited features.

In his set of updates we have simplified the interface and at the same time increased functionality and speed of use.

Impossible? Well we've achieved this by updating the main site navigation, combining the graphics displays in the recipes' Results tab, making the graphics downloadable as jpeg files, offering new display styles and introducing a clear notifications system, and with any luck you will do all these things faster saving you precious time.

Go to and Sign In to try the changes for yourself or read more below.

New Graphics Display in Results

To make the recipes' Results tab more relevant to our users we've combined the Traffic Lights and GDA displays into one easy to decipher section named Graphic Displays. In this section our users can select which Graphic Display style to show on the page.

In this section there is a new button marked Download Graphic which, once clicked, will download the displayed graphic to the users local machine for direct transfer to product packaging artwork.

New Hybrid Styles including 'ASDA' Style Graphics

Another new feature in the Graphic Display section is the hybrid styles. This is a section of designs that borrow features from the GDA and Traffic Light samples to create more popularly used designs. In hybrid styles we currently have the 'ASDA' style graphic inspired by the supermarket multiple. We plan on adding other popular styles in the near future.

Reworked Navigation Bar

The navigation bar should be the root of tree for finding what is needed on a la calc. With that in mind, we have streamlined the process of finding your most recent complete and incomplete recipes, custom ingredients, account details and notifications.

The My Recipes sub-menu will show the seven most recent complete recipes, seven most recent incomplete recipes and links to the Ingredients tab and Results tab without the need to go through an intermediary page.

The My Ingredients sub-menu which shows the ten most recent custom ingredients along with a quick link to edit the nutritional content of that custom ingredient.

The My Account sub-menu contains direct links to change the sign in password and contact information.


And finally, we introduce our in-line notification system. Here we can update our users with important information about new features, what's changing and how to get the most from a la calc.

All of these new features are available now at Check them out and tell us your thoughts on what we can do to further improve your a la calc experience.

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