Monday 18 February 2013

Come see us at IFE 2013 !

Some exciting news in this issue.

This year we're exhibiting at the IFE - International Food & Drink Event from 17th to 20th March 2013.

This is our first visit to the event and we invite all our current users and anyone who's interested (or not) to come by and say hi.

Some reasons to whet your appetite:

  • More information on what exciting new features are to come
  • Live demonstrations on how to make the best of the
  • Great show offers for subscription plans and credit plans
  • A chance to talk to the technical guys (including me)

Among the new features to be showcased and demonstrated at IFE13 will be our brand new cost calculation feature as requested by our users and the launch of our FDA compliant graphical outputs.

The cost calculation feature will allow entering a cost per weight for all the ingredients in use. This cost per weight will then be used to calculate the cost of each ingredient and will be displayed on a per batch size and serving size basis. This allows you to see exactly how much a large batch will cost in raw materials and how much that works out as per serving. Very useful.

The FDA compliant graphics means that will finally be able to output graphics as required for sale of products in the US. These graphics will be available to our UK users also and will be easily switch-able in the interface.

To be one of the first to try our new features come to IFE13 and find us in the General Food Hall next to The Skillery (stand S6244).

We look forward to seeing you in March !

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